Startup Manager 2.4 released

After a long delay (almost a month late) I finally released Startup Manager 2.4. It took so long because I had some problems finding volunteers to update some of the translations.

The new version 2.4 of Startup Manager - a program to manage the programs that start automatically - now adds support for Browser Helper Objects. Another major change you'll notice are the new menus, they look a bit like the ms office 2003 menus now and there is a nice title bar in the left view.

With this release there are also four new languages available: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Norwegian and Swedish.

For a complete list of changes, you might want to check our history file:
Or just check the release notes.

Startup Manager 2.4 can be downloaded at:
There also is an ANSI version available and source code available at the following location:
And finally there is a list with installers for the translations (all translations are also included in the Startup Manager setup file):

Also check the project website:

Posted by Glenn Van Loon 2007-11-18