Karl J. Runge

SSVNC adds encryption security to VNC. It provides a GUI for Windows, MacOSX, and Unix that automatically starts up an SSL or SSH tunnel for connections to any VNC server. It also supports VeNCrypt encryption. The Unix viewer has many new features.

Project Members:

  • Babar Tareen
    Babar Tareen


    I am trying to run ssvnc on mac os x 10.8, and getting following errors about vncviewer command failing. I have a MacOSX folder from where I am starting sshvnc. The Chicken of the VNC.app is also present in the MacOSX folder. Any idea what might be causing the problem. Thanks!

    Terminal response starts >>>>>

    Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.


    Running viewer:
    vncviewer --PasswordFile /tmp/.vncauth_tmp.1371-1740074989.J6FVdY

    /Users/babar.tareen/Downloads/ssvnc/bin/util/ss_vncviewer: line 2990: vncviewer: command not found
    vncviewer command failed: 0

    Terminating background ssh process
    kill -TERM 1516
    Killed by signal 15.
    ^\/Users/babar.tareen/Downloads/ssvnc/bin/util/ss_vncviewer: line 795: 1564 Quit: 3 exit $?
    + set +xv

    Done. You Can Ctrl-C this Terminal if you like. Use Ctrl-\ to pause.

    sleep 5