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Simple Sound MusicBox / News: Recent posts

Beta 2.5 released !

Finaly SSMB beta 2.5 is out. I added lots of small features for admins, which is worth taking a look at. I also fixed some bugs (of course), look in changes.txt for more info about this.
Finaly it seems like the project is taking form. At the current state, SSMB is absolutely usefull, and all the main features are done and working. I hope that you enjoy my work :)

Remember to start reading the directions.txt in the .zip file if you downloaded the project. If you have any suggestions to the future development of SSMB feel free to use the suggestion forum. Please help me in the development with reporting bugs. Please use the bugs forum for this purpose.
(Please don't add bugs if you havn't followed the (installation)steps in directions.txt. This realease is pure BETA, it's not even close to having an userfriendly installer yet :-)

Posted by Henrik Pedersen 2003-08-19

Beta 2.0 Released

After a short while since the last release - beta 2.0 is out. This time I added some new features and changed the layout a lot. The layout, from beta 1.0, was good looking, but pretty bad to use with ease. I also released the first changes.txt (changelog), which covers the changes in this version and earlier versions of the project. Be sure to read this if you are tracking the project. Anyway that's all for now, happy musicboxing :)... read more

Posted by Henrik Pedersen 2003-05-17