SSI 0.6.0 now available for Linux 2.4.16

The SSI project leverages both Compaq's NonStop Clusters for Unixware technology and other open source technology to provide a full, highly available SSI environment for Linux. Goals for SSI Clusters include availability, scalability and manageability.

Release notes:
- Based on 2.4.16 (John Byrne)
- Integrated with OpenGFS 0.0.92 (plus some bug fixes) (Dave Zafman)
- Greatly improved installation and booting of non-initial nodes. Uses netboot for non-initial-node installation, rather than requiring a distribution to be installed on every node. Netboot may be optionally used all the time for booting any given node. (Brian Watson)
- Process load leveling, using a variant of the Mosix load leveling algorithm (see README.mosixll) (Laura Ramirez)
- Support for Alpha processor (Aneesh Kumar / John Byrne)
- Preliminary UML support (instructions will come out later) (Kitrick Sheets)
- New version of CI (Cluster Infrastructure 0.6) with a better node detection mechanism and a cleaner way to integrate other kernel subsystems (Kai-Min Sung)
- Better way to set up networking on the non-initial node (previously only the interconnect networking was up on those node) (Kai-Min Sung)
- Initial version of LVS integration (Kai-Min Sung)
- Initial checkin of some CFS (Cluster Filesystem) code; this isn't buildable yet (Dave Zafman)
- Support for Debian (Aneesh Kumar)

Posted by Brian J. Watson 2002-02-04