When I get the kernel checked in Debian should be able to resync.  We have successfully booted and tested path failover off of a dm device (w/ udev-68 and multipath-tools-0.4.7) on both an Engenio fibre RAID and an EMC DX300.  These packages are directly from their respective sites and therefore should not have too much distribution dependence.


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From: on behalf of John Hughes
Sent: Tue 11/28/2006 10:07 AM
To: Aneesh Kumar
Cc: Roger Tsang; ssic-linux-devel
Subject: Re: [SSI-devel] OpenSSI-1.9 on Debian

Aneesh Kumar wrote:
> On 11/28/06, John Hughes <> wrote:
>> Roger Tsang wrote:
>> > Anybody currently working on (or are thinking of) updating OpenSSI-1.9
>> > for Debian?
>> >
>> What would need to be done?  Just the kernel?  That would be pretty
>> easy.
> Merging the user space utilities with the latest sources from the
> debian stable or testing.
Stable (sarge).

OpenSSI has big problems with  testing (etch) (or unstable) 'cos the
kernel is so old.  (udev doesn't like kernels < 2.6.12)

So not much to do as 1.9.1 was already running on sarge.

I'll check the versions tomorrow.

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