On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 10:50 PM, Alceu R. de Freitas Jr. <glasswalk3r@yahoo.com.br> wrote:

I was reading the documentation related to NFS for OpenSSI 1.9
(http://www.openssi.org/cgi-bin/view?page=docs2/1.9/README.nfs-client and
http://www.openssi.org/cgi-bin/view?page=docs2/1.9/README.nfs-server) and saw
this note:

*** NOTE: NFS client is not yet supported in the new OpenSSI 2.6 kernel ***

This is still the reality?

That note was written a long time ago.  OpenSSI supports NFS client.  We need testing though.
What should I use for OpenSSI 1.9 as a simple shared filesystem?

OpenSSI comes with its own shared filesystem called CFS and is used as the root filesystem by default.