If I'm not wrong we are in the process of transforming OpenSSI code from in-kernel modifications to kernel modules which will run on any vanilla kernel-2.6.  Our architect is doing the design.  See http://openssi.org/cgi-bin/view?page=proc-hooks.html


On 10/27/05, Omar Belakhdar <Omar.Belakhdar@epfl.ch> wrote:
Good morning every one,
First, I'm new to openssi. I'm trying to get openssi working for my own
distribution (HLFS with kernel that I built from scratch and
it is very stable.
I'm intersting in developing an openssi for my own simulation research
projects at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. I first made a
large comparaison between the different clustering technologies and I
found that the openssi fits better my needs in term of high
availability, manageability and of course HPC.
I've also gone through the mailing archives and read the openssi docs
available at the website and from CVS but I did not find any
documentation or even a kind of discussion about porting openssi beyond
2.6.10. I made the decision to go back to this later version but I find
many problems to compile linux-ssi from source dui to the following :

1 - The patch for netdump does not apply correctly when making a full
kernel (make fullkern). I've seen that the package is optional. Do I
have just to remove the patch.
2 - The kdb patch has clinshes with the grsecurity patch.
3 - Even when I removed the grsecurity patch, the kernel doesn't compile
due to a problem in kdb.

Could you please give me some clarifications about the use of these
patches (kdb, netdump and bugfixes) and if possible how to use a
grsecurity with openssi.
Another question, how much the openssi is dependant from debian
distribution and is it so difficult to port it to another distribution
correctly done from scratch? I've seen that the most part is related to
the rc/init scripts . Is it that correct?

I  suggest that it will be a good idea to separate the openssi  kernel
modification in form of patches for ease of use and make the openssi
independant of any distribution which will reduce the risk of its future
evolution. I know that it is expected/said to include SSI features in
the kernel 2.8. Is it correct?

Note my own distribution  use more up-to-date packages (kdb, e2fsprogs,
linux-util, etc.) than the one used by openssi.

Thanks for your help.

Omar Belakhdar
*Artifiial Intelligence Laboratory
Core Computing Institute
Information and Communication Scienses School

        *Phone: (+41 21) 69-36622,  fax: (+41 21) 69-35225*

        * EPFL / IC / IIF / LIA
        Batiment IN
        Station 14
        CH - 1015 Lausanne (Switzerland)*

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