I found a bug in my patch.  You'd have to add spin_unlock() in cfs_commit_inode() in cluster/ssi/cfs/write.c at approx. line 1325:

//      res = cfs_scan_commit(inode, &head, idx_start, npages);
        res = cfs_scan_commit(inode, &head, 0, 0);
        if (res) {


On 9/22/05, Roger Tsang <roger.tsang@gmail.com> wrote:
The patch is kinda messy as it's a straight diff of my latest work, but it will do.  Patch it against the kernel.  I can't check-in any of these until CVS is fixed...


On 9/22/05, Roger Tsang <roger.tsang@gmail.com > wrote:
I dunno about sync on same machine, I don't remember now.  It's not a crash, so it's hard to tell.  I'll do a few more tests later after work hours.  I'll put out a CFS patch for you to try.


On 9/22/05, Andy Phillips <Andrew.Phillips@betfair.com > wrote:

If you type "sync" on the same machine in another window, does it

Any ideas as to the underlying cause?


On Sat, 2005-09-17 at 14:38 -0400, Roger Tsang wrote:
> Alright I can reproduce this by doing the large file copy.  It gets
> stuck here...
> Stack traceback for pid 136777
> 0xc57f3a80   136777   136733  0    0   D  0xc57f3c40  mc
> EBP        EIP        Function (args)
> 0xd8e01cc0 0xc03b4103 schedule+0x2b3
> 0xd8e01cc8 0xc03b462e io_schedule+0xe (0xc15001b0)
> 0xd8e01cd4 0xc0136745 sync_page+0x35 (0xc1251ea8, 0x0, 0xc0136710,
> 0xc57f3a80, 0xd8e01d24)
> 0xd8e01cf4 0xc03b49a9 __wait_on_bit_lock+0x49 (0x2, 0xc1251ea8,
> 0xc1251ea8, 0x0, 0x0)
> 0xd8e01d50 0xc0136f5a __lock_page+0x8a (0xd666c8a0, 0x1d838,
> 0xda0e96a0, 0x1d838, 0x2)
> 0xd8e01de8 0xc013764b do_generic_mapping_read+0x3db (0xd666c8a0,
> 0xda0e96e8, 0xda0e96a0, 0xd8e01f14, 0xd8e01e1c)
> 0xd8e01e38 0xc0137b24 __generic_file_aio_read+0x194 (0xd8e01ed8,
> 0xd8e01e50, 0x1, 0xd8e01f14, 0x8135998)
> 0xd8e01e64 0xc0137be2 generic_file_aio_read+0x52 (0xd8e01ed8,
> 0x8135998, 0x2000, 0x1d838000, 0x0)
> 0xd8e01ea0 0xc0268f40 __cfs_file_read+0xc0 (0xd8e01ed8, 0x0,
> 0x8135998, 0x2000, 0xd8e01ed0)
> 0xd8e01ebc 0xc0268ffe cfs_file_aio_read+0x2e (0xd8e01ed8, 0x8135998,
> 0x2000, 0x1d838000, 0x0)
> 0xd8e01f64 0xc015561b do_sync_read+0xab (0xda0e96a0, 0x8135998,
> 0x2000, 0xd8e01fa8, 0x0)
> 0xd8e01f90 0xc0155758 vfs_read+0xe8 (0xda0e96a0, 0x8135998, 0x2000,
> 0xd8e01fa8, 0x1d838000)
> 0xd8e01fbc 0xc0155a1b sys_read+0x4b
>            0xc0103c55 sysenter_past_esp+0x52
> On 9/17/05, Roger Tsang < roger.tsang@gmail.com > wrote:
>         Okay I ran into this hang just a moment ago while copying a
>         very large file from node 2 to the init node.  It hangs at the
>         very end of the file.  Then if I do "sync" as you have
>         suggested, the copy completes.  I guess next time I see this
>         I'll do a backtrace on the copy process.  My guess is it's
>         probably waiting in CFS wait_for_congestion().
>         Have you tried a different IO scheduler?  Try deadline if you
>         were using cfq.
>         Roger
>         On 8/25/05, John Byrne < john.l.byrne@hp.com> wrote:
>                 Andy Phillips wrote:
>                 > Following on;
>                 >
>                 >   It appears that if I remount the file system with
>                 the
>                 > "sync" option then this problem goes away. But
>                 performance
>                 > is bad. Shutting down the other node in the cluster
>                 does
>                 > not seem to affect this at all.
>                 >
>                 >   Would SSI or the CFS cause issues with async i/o?
>                 Would
>                 > that follow a different path to a normal kernel?
>                 >
>                 >   Andy
>                 >
>                 There can certainly be bugs and I do note that your
>                 hanging is rather
>                 large. Maybe that is the cause of the problem. Maybe
>                 you could make a
>                 simple test case with 256k writes and see if that
>                 hangs.
>                 John
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