John Hughes wrote:
Roger Tsang wrote:
Hi John,

Bug introduced in your checkin for util-linux/mount/mntent.c.  Latest
merge breaks DRBD on OPENSSI-FC because DRBD devices on kernel-2.6 are
named /dev/drbd0, /dev/drbd1, /dev/drbd2, etc.

The Debian code looks old - DRBD on kernel-2.4 /dev/drbd/0,
/dev/drbd/1, etc.  Notice the missing forward slash before the numeral
for DRBD on kernel-2.6?
Eurgh - you're right.
Ok, I've fixed it.

Would all be much easier if MERGE-DB-FC tag was usable.

Note to self: must do some tests with drbd on debian to see what the current state is.