As we go forward, we are going to continue to support the installed RH9 and Debian
sites and encourage new installs to be one of Fedora Core2, Debian or Suse9.1.

Roughly speaking, the plan is:
A. On a Fedora Core 2 distribution and based on a Fedora Core 1 (2.4.22 + RH patches)
    kernel, roll a 1.1 development release using a development branch OpenSSI;
        I hope we can do this in the next week or so.
B. Roll that same release for existing RH9 (upgrade in place);
            testing effort;  should be shortly after A.
C. Roll the 1.1 for Debian
            testing effort; should be shortly after A.
D. Roll the 1.1 for Suse 9.1
            hopefully before the end of October

E. As we stablize 1.1, it will become 1.2 and will be the stable release (for all above distributions).
             Expect this to be sometime in November;

F. Full 2.6-based OpenSSI  (on a Fedora Core 3 distribution)
             Expect an initial alpha version within a couple of months;

G. Cleanup version of the kernel hooks for submission to the mainstream kernel is ongoing
    and may be completed by the end of 2004.

Infiniband support will be integrated as soon as it is ready.   GFS/CLVM and DRBD
support will be added after we have a 2.6-based OpenSSI.

Bruce Walker
OpenSSI Project Lead