1. You are correct about your first example.  Note that the pipe itself will also be local.
2. Second example will also have the pipe local, with both processes on node 3.
3. To get everything on node 3, you can;
   onnode 3 sh -c "com1 args1 | com2 args2"
   I believe in that case the args are expanded on node 3 because there is actually an sh on node 3 to create the pipe and start the two commands.

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I just want to confirm my understanding of something. If I do the following:
onnode 3 com1 args1 | com2 args2
then com1 is going to run on node 3 and com2 will run on the node from which the original call to onnode was made, correct?

What do I do if I want the whole pipeline to run on the indicated node. Is there something syntactic such as quoting the whole pipeline or do I need to do the following:
onnode 3 com1 args1 | onnode 3 com2 args2

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