Dear All,

Hello, My name is Taeho and I'm trying to set up a OpenSSI with root failover.

My current system is FC3 with OpenSSI version : 1.9.2
I know there are two options (1) root file system on a shared disk (2) use DRBD

1. If I were to go with (1), I could do probably do
 (i) install OS and OpenSSI --> back up "/" to some shared disk (e.g. NFS?) --> mount "/" to NFS
    But, backing up the whole "/" to NFS and mount "/" to it is quite a risky job to do, in my opinion.
 (ii) Have "/" mounted to some shared disk (e.g. SAN, NFS, etc.) and install OS from this setup..
    But, I can't probably go with this option (no SAN or FC..) unless mounting "/" to NFS is possible.
 Do my approaches described above look right to you? Is there any other ways that I could follow here?

2. I tried (2) DRBD path also.
I downloaded the file from the "Download drbd-ssi-1.9.2" link in project website, and followed the installation steps found
but it's not been successful (a bunch of compile errors when doing make)

 Has anyone successfuly installed the "drbd-ssi-1.9.2" package?
 If so, what was your environment (OS, Kernel, lib/include source path, etc...)?

Any tips and advice for constructing a root failover system will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

Taeho Kang