I have some problem in working SSI in our X86 cluster.
I have installed a linux2.4.16, applied SSI V0.6.0 patch and configure cluster-tools. This is a master node
And compiled, rebooted with ramdisk. Here is so good.
As like this, I have installed the same linux version, patched the patch and configured all tools within other 3 nodes.
And after, the 3 nodes are booted with floppy disk using above master's kernel-image and ramdisk.
4 nodes SSI cluster is formed after all. (All CLMS and ICS are working ...)
But, onnode, migrate, kill3 , etc. commands are not working !!!! and MOSIX load-leveler is neither.
The demo programs are not working at all.
What's the problem? Should I install GFS for shared root filesystem?
I need your help.
PS. When I install SSI with V0.5.2 patch not having MOSIX load-leveler, All commands are working.
      This installation included GFS configuration and setting with GNBD for shared root filesystem.
-Junglok Yu