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    Judging by the number of Usenet and mailing list comments
    regarding this problem, it is being encountered by LOTS of
    OpenSSH Windows users. I am one of them. PLEASE could
    someone just provide a copy of the missing libraries so that
    we can download them to the OpenSSH/bin folder as a

    Immo Huneke (immo@huneke.co.uk)

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    I have made a zip file containing the four .dll files you need
    under your OpenSSH/bin folder to fix this. I can't work out
    how to attach them here, so if you want the zip file, please
    ask me to e-mail it to you. Immo@Huneke.Co.UK.

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    its used also by sftf or scp ... i just copied the dll from the
    cygwin package ... worked fine

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    I have uploaded the zip file previously mentioned by Immo
    Huneke (thank you for the archive!) to the following address:

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    You can get the file from any official Cygwin mirror.
    Here are some links:

    If the above link doesn't work, there is a comprehensive
    list of mirrors here:

    Unzip (7-zip is a good free package that can open bz2 files)
    and put the dll in your openssh\bin directory.

  • Mike Dixson
    Mike Dixson

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    I was having the same issue as yourself along with another
    permissions issue.
    I've now completed creating an updated release using
    Johnson's NSIS scripts and the latest Cygwin files
    the cygintl-2.dll (and cygintl-3.dll) that are now required
    by various cygwin executables.

    In the spirit of open source and sharing I've put this new
    release on http://sshwindows.webheat.co.uk/ for everyone to
    be able to access.

    I hope this resolves the problem for you.
    Mike Dixson


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Mike! It works like a charm!


  • Anonymous

    dead link!



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