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Where is my SSH Client Input Stream

  • Andrew Waters
    Andrew Waters

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to evaluate sshtools with a "simple" ssh daemon process.  I have follwed a tutorial on the web and extended NativeProcessProvider etc and if I read from STDIN (System.in) I can start a standard SSH client to my daemon and everything I enter on the console is proceesed as you would expect - however that is the server console not the client input. Inside my Shell process I've tried reading from "stdin.getInputStream()" but that just leads to a loop as it just reads the echoed output (as it's just a DynamicBuffer).  I'm sure I'm doing something stupid or maybe trying the impossibe, but it must be possible else how could anyone write a shell?  The clients input (or rather the clients outputstream) must be there somewhere?

    Many thanks



  • Anonymous

    any answer to this question?