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SSHGuard / News: Recent posts

SSHGuard 1.6.0 release announcement

On behalf of the SSHGuard Team, it is my pleasure to announce the 1.6.0 release. This release is the first in the 1.6 branch and comes after more than four years of development.

This release is tagged as 'v1.6.0' on [Bitbucket][1] and source tarballs are available from [SourceForge][2]. Tarballs are available in both gzip and xz formats. Checksums are signed with the same PGP key as this announcement (0xC22E1090).... read more

Posted by Kevin Zheng 2015-05-02

SSHGuard 1.6 Roadmap

It's been four years since the 1.5 release. Since then, there have been a series of bug fixes, improvements, and attack signature updates.

In the coming few days I would like to tag the 1.6 branch in preparation for the 1.6.0 release. Until then, the 'master' branch on Bitbucket reflects what will be in the next release. I encourage everyone, especially package maintainers, to clone or download a snapshot of the repository and give it a whirl.... read more

Posted by Kevin Zheng 2015-04-12

The Future of SSHGuard

I purposely crafted such a "news subject" for getting you prepare for some bad news; and inevitably magnify your delight in discovering what's going on instead.

In fact, despite my condition of persistent overload (which ultimately brought to SSHGuard much slower progress than what users are pushing for) there are some very positive news about the project.

First, thanks to all the users for the continuing feedback, support, and feature requests even during "unresponsive" time. As usual, sampling interest among the community is an essential factor for motivation.... read more

Posted by Mij 2009-06-21

sshguard 1.1 final

sshguard 1.1 is finally released as stable, after more than year of development, feedback, refinement, see


"Release often, release early" did not really apply this time, but the time let several new major features in; especially, log message authentication which makes sshguard the first log monitor securely usable in servers where local users are not trusted. A further plethora of minor features are included, from hot suspension, sensitivity to more services (dovecot, ftpds etc.), more logging formats, to blocking backends (ipfilter, aix's etc).
Sshguard now appears to be the most advanced log monitor around in terms of power, reliability, flexibility, ease of use, lightness, and extensibility. Feel free to leave your feedback on the mailing list.... read more

Posted by Mij 2008-07-27

sshguard 1.1 stable scheduled

After several solicitations from users, especially for the possibility of providing sshguard for package managers, I have decided to get sshguard 1.1 to stable. I will commit the modifications in the TODO list and then release one "release candidate" version within the next two weeks. The final stable will follow.

Posted by Mij 2008-06-17

what's up with sshguard

I'm extremely busy these months and this is why sshguard has not had new releases recently. Version 1.0 is satisfying and version 1.1beta3 proven reliable. I'm not releasing it as stable because I have some changes to the parser in mind, that would still improve the amount of detections.
As usual, feedback from users is very welcome. Feel free to submit bugs, feature requests, compatibility issues with uncommon OSes, and comments in general.
Most of the people emails privately; I appreciate if you post on the mailing list (support request, comments) or the tracker (feature reqs and bugs) instead, as users are now used to assess the liveness and weight of a project counting the public community activity.
I had a lot of comments, expecially from US universities and from the BSD folks. This is motivating, and I'll put hands back into sshguard for new updates as soon as some spare time comes.

Posted by Mij 2007-09-14

sshguard 1.0 final

Sshguard 1.0 is finally released and marks the end of life for the 0.x branch. Major changes wrt 0.x include address whitelisting and support for IPv6. A longer list is available at


Documentation has of course been updated to reflect these news, see


I will notify maintainers soon for updating packages to this new release. We're constantly looking for packagers for new OSes, see... read more

Posted by Mij 2007-06-04

sshguard 1.0 beta1 release

Several new major features are introduced with this release. Most notably: support for IPv6, new firewall backend for /etc/hosts.allow that extends usability on older UNIces and boxes without a firewall, whitelisting, and an expressive and extensible log parser. A longer list is available at

While this code has been running for a couple of weeks on my test hosts, I remind this is a beta release. As usual, I welcome bug reports on the tracker at
http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=188282... read more

Posted by Mij 2007-05-08

sshguard frequently asked questions

I have wrapped together some of the popular issues asked on the mailing list or directly to me, and taken them into a proto sshguard FAQ ( http://sshguard.sourceforge.net/doc/faq.html ).

Posted by Mij 2007-04-24

sshguard review at linux.com

Users notified me Joe Bar reviewed sshguard at linux.com: http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=07/02/27/1957242

And I just published some important notes on this article which are worth reading: http://sshguard.sourceforge.net/linuxcomarticle.html

Posted by Mij 2007-03-15

sshguard packages: FreeBSD port

A FreeBSD port of sshguard has made its way in the FreeBSD ports tree some days ago, so FreeBSD users can now install sshguard with a simple make install command.
There has been some discussion with the team of port committers about whether to keep the port "interactive", which avoid the possibility of automatic building of a pre-compiled package. With the next release of sshguard this will likely change.

Posted by Mij 2007-03-07

0.91 and autotools

With release 0.91, sshguard has been moved to the auto{conf,make} building system. This is supposed to make a lot easier the work of building packages for packet managers like APT, emerge, macports, RPM-based ones et cetera.
Having sshguard packaged for as many OSes as possible is a major goal in TODO.

Posted by Mij 2007-03-02