rcssserver3D: version 0.6 released

This release is the final version for RoboCup 2008 in Suzhou China. It
is little different from version 0.5.9 in simulation, excepting some
changes for the rule of RoboCup 2008, including the vision perceptor.
And also, the eye-catching sky and goal are added. The monitor
protocol is improved due to the team requirement.

  • Physics:
  • set ball angular drag to 0.00005

  • Vision perceptor:
    The old vision perceptor (just the same as last year) is used for
    both Nao and soccerbot058.

  • Eye-Catcher:

  • the sky box is added
  • the goal with net is added

  • Monitor Protocol ( Thanks Carlos from Borregos3D):

  • Add 'move' command for setting the agent's position and rotation.
    The whole command may like this:
    (agent (team $teamname)(unum $id)(move $x $y $z $dir))
    where, ($x, $y, $z) is the desired position, and $dir is the
    desired face direction of the robot.
  • Fix bug in set ball command.

  • Rule bug fix:

  • fix bug of the goal kick position
  • fix bug of the size of penalty

For details have a look into the ChangeLog coming with the package.

You can get the package on the Soccer Simulator page on SourceForge
at http://sourceforge.net/projects/sserver/

Posted by Xu Yuan 2008-06-23