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Strip-o-Gram available as seperate CVS module.

Strip-o-Gram is now available as a seperate module from the Squishdot project's CVS repository.

The following command should check it out:

cvs checkout stripogram

Posted by Chris Withers 2001-08-17

New Years Plans

In brief:
- Squishdot 1.0 release fixing some now long-outstanding bugs
- Sorting out and bringing up to date
- Getting some prototypes of Swishdot working.

With any luck, some more people should be joining the team so maybe progress will be a little faster ;-)

Posted by Chris Withers 2000-12-26

Anonymous CVS for Squishdot now available

Development versions of Squishdot are now available via anonymous CVS.
Changes from the last stable release (available from\)
include minor fixes (moderation no longer requires manager privileges and
the mail notification message is no longer blank).

Posted by Butch Landingin 2000-02-15