Dear All,
               I wanna use change_qldforward plugin in my webmail i have downloaded and install this plugin according INSTALL file as well as i have made changes in config.php file as following -:
$ldap_server = '';
        /* ldap_user_field=whatever ldap field users login against. */
        $ldap_user_field = 'uid';
        $forwarding_field = "mailForwardingAddress";
        /* put the ldap base dn of your server here */
        $ldap_base_dn = 'dc=zoom,dc=com';
        /* In addition to mailforwarding address, you may want to toggle a deliv
ery mode
         * field.  To do so just uncomment the following variables to set the ap
         * ldap attribute and corresponding values. */
        $delivery_mode_field = "deliveryMode" ;
        $delivery_mode_local_val[0] = "localdelivery" ;
        $delivery_mode_forward_val[0] = "forwardonly" ;

I am running qmail with ldap everything is working perfectly but this plugin not following is the error which i am getting through httpd error_log file
[client] PHP Warning:  main(): Failed opening '../plugins/compatibility                                             /functions.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/htm                                             l/mail/plugins/change_qldforward/options.php on line 29, referer: http://192.168                                             .1.8/src/options.php
I have also set acl in slapd.conf file as well kindly look in to the problem ..i will be grateful to you ...

Piyush Joshi