does this have any solution?

2012.11.06 18:32 "Andrés Chandía" rašė: > > > Ok, thanks a lot, nothing else than clarify that my squirrelmail was > working like a charm before the upgrading to version 12.10 of ubuntu, ubuntu 12.10 has php 5.4. PHP developers changed defaults in htmlspecialchars function and it causes problems with some non-utf-8 texts in SquirrelMail. It includes email data (body or headers), address books that have older iso-8859-1 information, translations that don't use utf-8. -- Tomas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LogMeIn Central: Instant, anywhere, Remote PC access and management. Stay in control, update software, and manage PCs from one command center Diagnose problems and improve visibility into emerging IT issues Automate, monitor and manage. Do more in less time with Central ----- squirrelmail-i18n mailing list Posting guidelines: Information about translations: Statistics for translations: List address: List archives: List info (subscribe/unsubscribe/change options):

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