Hello Jonathan,

 The new plugin works fine , thanks.
but we can't forward mail AND reply Vacation message. Do you
plan this option in a next version ?
the features described  below with checkbox or radio button looks a
good idea.

thanks for your reactivity.

There is a new version of the Vacation (local program) which fixes a few
bugs and adds the Mail forwarding to the screen.

This uses the same variables as the old mail forward plugin so the
values will be saved.

I think a better solution would be to combine the two plugins, since they
basically do the same thing. The vacation message and forwarding address
should be stored in the preference file, along with a 'currently selected'
option, which would be something like: 0 - do nothing, 1 - forward, 2 -

Then the plugin's UI would have three radio buttons:

O Regular Delivery
O Forward mail to:      [                            ]
O Vacation Message:     [                            ]




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