I'v been struggling to make gettext translation vork for couple of days.
Here is my situation.
I have OpenBSD 3.8 with default Apache webserver, gettext (gettext-0.10.40p3), php5 (php5-core-5.0.4p0) installed from packages and squirrelmail-1.5.1. 
From phpinfo() I see, that gettext is enabled in PHP and opening page /src/configtest.php it shows thad with gettext everything is OK.
When I installed all locales and tried them -- noone worked. Only thig which seemed to work is help and alignment for Arabic, etc. locales.

Is there any debuging method which I can use to make sure that gettext really work and if it don't, then why?

Although I checked this page http://www.squirrelmail.org/wiki/TranslateGettext, but got no success. Maybe there is something with operating system.

Thanks in advance,