#553 Add Use Addresses and Cancel Buttons to Top of Address Book

Derek Wnek

Currently, there are Use Addresses and Cancel buttons located at the bottom of the Global Address Book page. I would like, if it is possible, to have these buttons also located above the Global Address Book entries, say right under the Search for textbox.

This would be very helpful where the Global Address Book is very long. Although a user can always simply press Enter to submit the selected entries to the Compose view, it is not intuitive and many users will not realize they can do that.

I was asked if there was a way to sort the Global Address Book so that it is alpabetized by fullname (firstname first) rather than either first or last name only with the ability to place about 10 very common entries located above the fullname sort. That means that users will, very often, be selecting names from the top of the list and not knowing they can press Enter will always be scrolling all the way to the bottom to select Use Addresses or Cancel.

Separate note on how I was able to do a fullname sort with some common addresses at top: ( just in case curious - P.S. I am not a PHP programmer as you will be able to tell in a moment =8^) ):

The default sort order is by first name only and does not perform any second-column sort. Therefore it is not very useful when looking up District (input as first name) Manager NNC (input as last name) (N=Number; C=Character).

Since We do not use the Info (label) column and I have hidden it from view I was able to do the following:

vi functions/addressbook.php
On the line which follows " default " , Line 204, I changed:
from: $abook_sort='name';
to: $abook_sort='label';

When adding names to global_abook, I added them in this fashion:
|District|Manager NNC|dmNNC@dollartree.com|District Manager NNC

This then appeared to the user as a global address book asorted lphabetically by Fullname (first name AND lastname).

If an email address needs to appear before the sorted by (what appears to be) fullname global_abook, I entered those name as follows:
|Firstname|Lastname|email|00001 Firstname Lastname (1st email address to appear in the global address book)
|Firstname|Lastname|email|00002 Firstname Lastname (2nd email address to appear in the global address book)
|Firstname|Lastname|email|00003 Firstname Lastname (3rd email address to appear in the global address book)