#541 Delivering attached files through http

Bernard Dugas

The current process to deliver attached files inside the email is not efficient for the smtp protocol and servers, neither for the user, due to file size limitation.

With SquirrelMail, as a web interface for email, it should be possible to store any uploaded file on the web server, and sending in the corresponding email a link to the file, instead of the encoded file.

So the email would be lot lighter, and the security issue could be solved through the existing https features.

Interested in any further idea...

Best regards, and thanks a lot for this already very efficient software and project.


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    SquirrelMail is a standards-based email client designed to run in as many environments as possible, regardless of local implementations of things such as this. Because of that, because such an idea is not standardized, can be implemented in many different ways, this will never be part of the SquirrelMail core. HOWEVER, it would be possible for you to create a plugin that offers this functionality. If the current SquirrelMail hook architecture doesn't work for such a project, please ask on the plugins mailing list for ideas or the development mailing list to see about the feasibility of adding a hook to help make it work for you. Thanks for your interest!