#426 more prominent SEND button

After Templates
Daniel Drucker

I've overheard new SM users muttering
"where's the send button"?

Currently, below the compose window's text entry box,
there are six buttons:

[ Signature] [ Addresses ] [ Save Draft ] [ Send ] [
Cancel ] [ Check Spelling ]

That's pretty awful from a usability standpoint. 98% of
the time, the user wants to hit [ Send ] -- the
smallest button, buried in the middle of five other
possible targets.

Perhaps some attention should be paid to this? The send
button could be made larger, or forced to be the first
or last button, or in some other way made far more


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    You can also locate it on the bottom right, just underneath
    the compose box.

  • Jimmy Conner
    Jimmy Conner

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    Its probably also a good idea to point out that it isn't
    buried in the middle of the 5 buttons. There are only 4
    buttons there by default. The Send is the far right one,
    the Spell Checker happens to put the other button to the
    right of the send button.

    Since there is a button at the bottom (which is easier to
    use anyways, after typing the message, I just hit TAB and
    then SPACE to send mail) I see no reason to really make a
    change of locations. This is also a moot point, but once
    templates come about, you should be easily able to move them
    anywhere to your liking.

    Close or leave for later?

    • milestone: --> After Templates
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    I'll set it to after templates.
    It could be an idea to move the hook to add a button to the
    Send form so indeed 'Send' would always be right.