#344 A way to force a email address for a profile?

Erin Schnabel

Is there any way to make sure that a user can only
save -their- username with the domain name in the prefs
so they can't impersonate another?


  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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    Run conf.pl (or ./configure)

    From Main Menu, select 4. General Options

    Then Select item 10. Allow editing of Identity

    Instructions from item 10:

    PART A
    This allows you to prevent the editing of the user's name
    and email address. This is mainly useful when used with the
    retrieveuserdata plugin

    Allow editing of user's identity? (y/n) [y]:

    Depending on that answer, you may or may not see the following:

    PART B
    As a follow-up, this option allows you to choose if the user
    can edit their full name even when you don't want them to
    change their username

    Allow editing of the users full name? (y/n) [y]:

    Sum up:

    Allow users to edit their identity (multiple identity
    support, also) - answer YES to PART A (part b is irrelevant).

    Do not allow users to edit their email address (only one
    identity per user), but allow them to enter their full name
    as they wish -
    answer NO to PART A, and YES to PART B

    Do not allow any editing of user identity at all - answer NO
    to PARTS A and B

    Also see plugins which retrieve the username and user full
    name from a MySQL or LDAP database to ensure they match your

  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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