#208 Variables in User-Defined citations

Greg Westin

When using User-Defined citations, users should be
able to use variables like the name of the original
sender, the date of the original message, etc. As it is
now, as far as I can tell you can only use a message
like 'Original message:' or 'You wrote:', but with
variables you could do a more standard citation like 'On
%d, %n wrote:' or something like that.

There was also a thread in the archives from a number
of people who wanted full citations, as when you forward
something. This could either be a pre-set option, or it
could be defined by the user, if line breaks are
acceptable in the user-defined citations. For example,
you could define citations like this:

'-----Original Message-----\nFrom: %n [mailto:%e]
\nSent:%d, %t\nTo: %r\nSubject: %s'

which could yield a citation like:

-----Original Message-----
From: Greg Westin [mailto:greg@gregwestin.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 12:18 PM
To: SquirrelMail List
Subject: Re: SquirrelMail

I don't really like citations like that myself, but there
seems to be a demand for it, and if variables can be
added to the User-Defined citations, it seems like it
wouldn't be too much trouble for someone to make a
citation format like this if they wanted it.