#610 Browsers constantly refreshes left frame

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Saint Vinge

This is a problem that I've seen with certain
browsers. It is a near constant refresh of the left
folders frame. It is as if I were constantly clicking
on refresh folder list. Everything works fine but it
keeps reloading the left frame.

It only happens when I am using squirrelmail through
either Netscape Navigator 4.x or Pocket IE 4.x
(Windows CE 2.11 integrated browser). It always works
fine with IE on the Windows platform.

I'm not sure what causes it. If nobody else has ever
had this problem it could possibly be server specific,
but that wouldn't figure into why it only happens on
netscape and pocket IE.

If anybody has any insight into this it would be
great. I think that squirrelmail is one of the coolest
and most useful web applications out there. Thanks for
all the great work.


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    Fixed in CVS. The problem is that older preferences may
    contain left_refresh as "None", while newer code checks only
    for "none". Find this line in src/left_main.php:

    if (isset($left_refresh) && ($left_refresh != 'none') &&
    ($left_refresh != '')) {

    and change it to:

    if (isset($left_refresh) && ($left_refresh != '') &&
    !stristr($left_refresh, "none")){

    Marking as closed/fixed.