#2759 SM 1.5.2SVN email text shown while selecting forward address

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J. Edner

Installed version: SM v1.5.2SVN (20110716)
I'm opening a new message for reading. Then I decide to forward it to an other person and press he Forward-button. After that I press the Addresses-button to select the new receiver of the message. Right after the button has been pressed the message text is shown twice above and below the address search window. I've attached a screenshot which shows the effect to this report.
This error can be reproduced on different servers.


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  • I cannot reproduce. Is the address search page in a popup window? Do you have any addresses in your address book? What kinds of address books do you have in use? Most importantly, please DISAbLE ALL PLUGINS and try again. We'll need more information about your environment in order to reproduce (and therefore fix) this.

  • J. Edner
    J. Edner

    As requested I've disabled all plugins and also my LDAP and global address book.
    Then I've run further tests and found out that the error only appears if the parameter Compose Preferences -> Address Book Display Format is set to "In-page". If it is
    changed to "Pop-up window" everything works fine.
    My environment: Linux + Apache v2.2.16 + PHP v5.3.3

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  • This is fixed, not in an ideal way, though. There is a chance that it may have other effects, so keep your eye on things if you don't mind.