#2654 Can't view html email with javascript on it.

João Lyanderson

Hi all,

Today I recived an email with some javascript code included(from some newsletters) and I SM only show me the subject. I know, JS on an email is not a good idea, but I was wondering if theres some workaround to strip out or invalidate JS codes.


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  • When you say "only show me the subject" does it not show any other part of the body? This sounds like a PHP error occurred, and the page stopped executing. You should see:


    This will help you diagnose the potential error.

  • You can also use the Message Details plugin to view the full email source and send it to us for diagnosis... unless you can't see the "message details" link. If so, dig the email out of your mail spool manually or use another mail client to get it.

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  • header

  • source

  • Thanks for the very fast reply.

    So, tried jangliss sugestion, and no, PHP doesn't produce any error at all.
    Just one thing to add here: I ripped off all JS code on this email, sent, and SM shows me everything just fine.

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    • status: open --> pending
  • Your comments are entirely useless. Are you SURE there are no PHP errors? Maybe your PHP error settings are obfuscating them. Either way, what exactly do you expect us to do when you can't actually explain the problem with sufficient detail and won't provide an example so we can reproduce it? I suggest you file a help request on our mailing list instead, providing ALL of the system details needed so we can reproduce the issue ourselves.

  • I'm sorry if my comments are useless, but I guess theres no way to explain this in a more simple way: SM doesn't show any e-mail with javascript on it. There are NO PHP errors, I checked everything and I'm 100% sure. I sent the email source. So what kind of detail you want? I can send you the same email so you can take a look.

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