#2644 filters plugin issues literal request incorrectly

Development CVS
Jonathan Angliss

Filters plugin issues a literal request without waiting for the server to respond to the literal statement.


    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • This bug has been resolved.

    Please pull the latest version from the appropriate development
    tree repository to fix your bug.

    Thank you for your help in resolving this issue.

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  • I'm reopening it because I don't think this issue has been tested in our development branch (1.5.2 currently).

    • status: open-fixed --> open
  • Not sure what you mean "mixed in with this commit"? Yes I checked it into stable, the original reporter of the issue was having problems in stable, seemed stupid to test provide patch against development.

    I've got to do this for devel next.

  • I said "mixed" because that commit includes two other unrelated fixes. Out of all the files touched in that commit, the fixes needed for this issue are only in a couple of them.

    Whether or not the OP saw the problem in STABLE or DEVEL is irrelevant as far as I can see -- the responsibility on our side is to then see if the issue exists in either or both products. If new IMAP library code is added, for instance, it should certainly be added to DEVEL so we don't lose it going forward.