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#2416 [filters] multiple issues in filters plugin

Tomas Kuliavas

People on irc suggested filing only one report.

1st issue (1.5.2cvs and 1.4.9a). in start_filters() function plugin checks if spam filtering is enabled.
foreach($spamfilters as $filterskey=>$value) {
if ($value['enabled'] == 'yes') {
$AllowSpamFilters = true;
Test is not correct. Plugin stores checkbox form input value. If value attribute is not set in checkbox, it is set to 'on' string in Opera 9.10, Firefox and IE6. Setting is boolean. Use SMPREF_ON and SMPREF_OFF constants instead of custom form string.

2nd issue. invalid return codes in spamhaus.org rbl
sbl.spamhaus.org return code is 4,5,6 codes belong to xbl.spamhaus.org. Plugin runs sbl.spamhaus.org query and checks for

See http://www.spamhaus.org/xbl/index.lasso

3nd issue (1.4.x branch only) only one message is tested for spam in stable. Plugin executes sqimap_run_command() and $read contains only first FETCH response.

4th issue (1.4.x branch only)
id is used instead of uid

Plugin always uses id when messages are moved. sqimap_message_copy() and sqimap_message_flag() need UID, if $uid_support is set to true. $uid_support defaults to true. I also recommend collecting all spam ids and executing one command instead of multiple imap commands.


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