#1844 Handle subscribed, but missing folder.

Folders (317)
Jonathan Angliss

SM attempts to use a folder, even if it does not exist,
but is subscribed. A test should be performed, and
appropriate action should be taken for the following

- Folder Rename
- Message Copying
- Selecting a Folder

It might be worth prompting for the user for certain
action, such as a folder rename informs the user the
original folder does not exist, and if they want to
create the new destination anyway. For message
copy/move, inform the user that the folder does not
exist, and ask if they want to create it. This would
be the same for selecting a folder.


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    When we receive the list of subscribed folders then we do a
    LIST call for every folder in order to make sure the folder
    exists. If it doesn't we internally mark the folder as
    NoSelect to achieve it cannot be selected (selected in a way
    of clicking on it in left_main or showing up in a dropdown

    If after the caching of the folder list a folder becomes
    unavailable then we should mark the folder as NoSelect again
    and not try to create it because there can be more reasons
    for a non existent folder then the folder is deleted by
    another imap session. I.e. a nfs mount containing the folder
    is temporary unavailable.

    So asking the user to create the folder is not always a good
    idea I think. Maybe it can be a good idea if there there is
    a server response [TRYCREATE] but i'm not sure if such
    response is given in case of temporary unavailable mailboxes.