#1799 Password field does not get focus on login.php


Without RegisterGlobals, going to login.php?
loginname=my@email.com will result in a login screen
with the username field filled, but the focus still at the
username field instead of the password field.

Simple fix (login.php, line 95) change:
if (textElements == " . (isset($loginname) ? 2 : 1) . ")


if (textElements == " . (isset($_GET['loginname']) ? 2 :
1) . ") {\n".

Problem appears in all versions.


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    I shall take a look at this. There is a possibility we
    might want to allow the values to come from a POST as well.
    There is a line of code about 10-15 lines below the one you
    corrected, but it appears after a plugin hook, and some
    plugins might be affecting it, so I want to do a quick check
    before I move the line up.

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    I believe that the bug you reported has been fixed in the CVS version. Please either grab a live CVS version or wait and grab an archive of the CVS from tomorrow or later (just to make sure it has the changes in it).

    If the bug does not exist after you update to the CVS version, please close this bug report.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
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    i would like to know how i can change my password.

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    I wanted to change the password for tongsin@beumin.org

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    Please contact your service provider for assistance on
    changing your password. This bug report is not about
    password changing.

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    me gustaría saber cómo puedo cambiar mi contraseña o

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    I Can't read my mail
    Web Site Not Responding
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    technical difficulties due to a busy or broken server.

    Please try again by clicking the Reload icon on your
    navigation bar or, if that doesn't work, you may want to
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    502 Connection Hangup

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    How do I change my pasword?

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