#1768 mailto: strings are replaced with path to compose in HTML v

Thijs Kinkhorst

When viewing a message as HTML which has
mailto:aap@example.com as a text string (not as a
link!), this text is replaced by
/path/src/compose.php?to=aap@example.com. This is
ofcourse fine if this is inside a HTML href attribute,
but if this is just the plain text this is wrong and
the text mailto:aap@example.com should remain displayed
(and turned into a link preferably).

Easily reproducible by sending yourself a HTML mail and
typing mailto:aap@example.com somewhere in the text.

This occurs at least in latest DEVEL tree, haven't
tried stable yet.


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    STABLE has a different behaviour. When viewing the text
    portion, the email portion is changed to a link to
    src/compose.php. When viewing the HTML, the link is changed
    back to a standard mailto: link. The HTML portion of this
    test email has an <a href="mailto:..." link.

    In devel, if viewing the TEXT portion, it displays okay,
    however viewing HTML, it seems to change the mailto: part to
    src/compose as reported.