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#1348 Theme inheritance bug in plugin(s)

Brad Fears

I'm not sure how many or which add-ons this could
affect, but I noticed it in trying to use SM version
1.4.0 with the included 'calendar' plugin.

The installation of SM allows for two ways to create
the configuration file, run the included perl script or
copy the default configuration file to 'config.php' and
modify the file manually. In following the second
option, the theme definitions are different than they
are if using the perl setup script.

Using the perl script, a theme array ['PATH'] is
defined like the following:

$theme[1]['PATH'] = SM_PATH .

But the 'config_default.php' file defines it as follows:

$theme[1]['PATH'] = '../themes/plain_blue_theme.php';

The differences between these two lines prevent the
included calendar plugin (by Michal Szczotka) from
inheriting the correct theme.

The fix should be relatively easy, just change the
'config_default.php' file to match the format that the
perl script generates.

--Brad Fears


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    Fixed, thanks for reporting!

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