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#1300 .pref files mix-up

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Fred Kamwaza

I have noticed that when two people try to access the
webmail on the same machine, before the first window is
closed, the .pref files get mixed up. This has resulted in
the reply_to, email_address,full_name, etc., for one user
being saved in the other users' .pref file.

This has caused a big outcry at our institution since mail
for one individual has landed in someone else's mail box.

Can you assist.

Fred Kamwaza
University of Malawi - The Polytechnic
P/B 303, Chichiri,
Blantyre 3
Tel: (265) 1 676 809 (o) (265) 8 301 801


  • Daniel Drucker
    Daniel Drucker

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    You're not the only one... this problem has plagued SM for

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    What version of SquirrelMail? Have you suggested that the
    user log out? Unfortunately it's difficult to handle this
    in the current structure, it's on my book of things to fix
    (honest), but is going to require a lot of rewriting if I
    try implementing it now, and will break a lot of plugins
    very quickly.

    Have you tried upgrading to the latest CVS version of 1.4

  • Daniel Drucker
    Daniel Drucker

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    This still occurs for me in the CVS version as of about 3 days
    ago, and it occurs even though none of my users EVER use
    the same computer (they're all in different cities...).

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    Just a wild idea, isn't it possible to set the username in a
    cookie and check on login if there is a cookie with username
    and if the username doesn't match with entered username
    then destroy the previous session?

    Jon, any comments on this wild (maybe nit possible) idea?

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    For some reason, I didn't catch the reply to this...

    stekkel: not really, username is stored in the session, key
    is stored in the cookie, so I guess we could do a test
    against that. I might look into that.

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    Has there been any progress with respect to this bug? If
    somebody could point me in the right direction (which
    files), I would be more than happy to take a look. Since
    upgrading from 1.2 to 1.4.1 it has affected four of my
    customers (and I only upgraded a week ago!)

    Is there anyway to clear the sessions?