#1167 config.pl not saving all settings

Erin Schnabel

Just updated the system to the newly released
SquirrelMail 1.4.0, have consistently upgraded to each
new version as it was released. The new version saves
most settings that are changed (as far as I can tell),
but does not save the data or attachment directory
location. Change/save deletes the current settings and
in the next config.pl run, shows them blank. Manually
editing config.php directly and entering those
directories we've always been using, makes things work

This is on RedHat 8.0 with all current patches applied,
apache 2.0.40, php 4.2.2, uw-imap 2001a, perl 5.8.0.
The SquirrelMail 1.2.11 version works correctly, 1.4.0
works great!!!, but only has the config.pl problem.


  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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    I've extensively tested the changes for conf.pl and it's
    path settings.

    I'd like to know the following:

    a) did you start with a clean config or with a previous
    config.php file?
    If you started with a previous config, what were the
    data/attach dirs set to?

    b) what did you set the data/attach dir to while running conf.pl

    c) what was in config.php as soon as you saved.

    I'll take a look as soon as I know what your paths looked

  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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    This was with a clean install (tarball extracted into a new
    dir/location). The new data dir was moved up one level
    (changed to ../../data/) and a new attachments dir was
    created in the same location (../../tmp/ with chmod 730 and
    chgrp apache), this was the setup procedure initially
    followed several years back per recommendations in the
    documentation. After running config.pl and changing these
    two settings, there were null entries in config.php for
    these two parameters (i.e. ''), adding the correct settings
    manually made things work correctly.

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    Additional Note:
    This worked fine with 1.2.11 and at least 20 of the previous
    version. I know a few other ISP's using/testing the 1.4.0
    already, and they had no problem with the configuration, but
    they told me they are using absolute paths
    (/var/www/webmail/data/), not relative paths like the
    default setting (../data/).

  • Gene Wood
    Gene Wood

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    I'm seeing this manifest with the Organization Logo value as
    well. It's reproducable.

    I'll set it to this value :


    It shows up in conf.pl fine.

    Save the file. Fine.

    Quit. and view the config.php and the value is blank ''

  • Gene Wood
    Gene Wood

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    Ya this is manifesting on multiple fields. I'm also getting
    it on the data and attachment fields. I just went and did
    the file by hand.

  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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  • Erin Schnabel
    Erin Schnabel

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    Thanks for the samples, here we go.

    1) "this was the setup procedure initially
    followed several years back per recommendations in the
    documentation." I don't know that we recommend that any
    more. For me, using an absolute path to a totally different
    location, like /var/spool/stuff is preferable to keeping
    that stuff in the tree.

    2) "this is manifesting on multiple fields" - Yes, the
    SM_PATH conversion code is used for themes, the org logo,
    the attach and data dirs, .. etc.

    3) I will assume that you read the directions for the
    various file settings. For example, for the ORG LOGO:
    Please be aware of the following:
    - Relative URLs are relative to the config dir
    to use the default logo, use ../images/sm_logo.png
    - To specify a logo defined outside the SquirrelMail
    source tree
    use the absolute URL the webserver would use to include
    the file
    e.g. http://some.host.com/images/mylogo.gif or

    Please realise that by specifying ../../, you ARE outside of
    the SM tree, which means you fall into the category of the
    second bullet, and for the LOGO, you need to use a path the
    browser can digest.

    The data/attach directories have the following instructions:
    The path name can be absolute or relative (to the config
    It doesn't matter. Here are two examples:
    Absolute: /var/spool/data/
    Relative: ../data/
    Relative paths to directories outside of the SquirrelMail
    will be converted to their absolute path equivalents in

    I did find that somehow, while making the SM_PATH
    modifications, I'd left off the changes for relative paths
    that back their way out of the SM tree. The changes are in
    CVS, and have been tested on windows and Linux. Give them a
    whirl, if you would.