SQuirreL SQL Client: Version 3.0.3 released

SQuirreL SQL Client: Version 3.0.3 released

3.0.3 (11/29/2009)


Feature request 1656320:
Background Color Configuration is now available via a new tab ("Color Properties") in Alias
Properties dialog.


Correcting the error that database specific keywords are not in the SchemaInfo/SchemaInfoCache

Better table header rendering for MAC OS (Patch ID 2856103)

Bug fix 2853329: Ctrl-S overwrites existing file on 2nd try

Error in Alias tree: Alias vanished / rose error when dragged on itself.

2819161: squirrel-sql.sh in plain zip had an errant apostrophe. Tested this fix on MacOS 10 and Ubuntu 9.04.
Thanks to Jonathan James for vetting the anonymously submitted patch.

Posted by Rob Manning 2009-11-30