Version 2.4.1 released


A new bugfix release is now available.

Changes since 2.4:


Updated Simplified Chinese translation strings (Thanks to xpdz)
Updated French translation strings (Thanks to Erwan Duroselle)

1659412 TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE shows as <Unknown (-101)> - Support was added
for rendering values of columns with this Oracle-specific type.
1617839 (Line with spaces does not separate SQLs)
1639680 (Cannot export smallint and decimal to excel)
1635259 (Session menu has two items with mnemonic "t")
1639662 (Block comments can be ended prematurely)

Fixed a bug which caused the JFileChooser used for opening/saving files in the
SQL Editor to display copies of the "sql" and "txt" file types in the file type
dropdown. Each time the JFileChooser was re-opened another set of "sql" and
"txt" list items were being added erroneously.

DBCopy Plugin
- If the source/dest database is Oracle, and the type of column being copied
is DATE, then treat it like a TIMESTAMP for reading or writing the value. Oracle
stores a time component in date columns and this prevents this time component
value from being lost if the destination database can also store a time
component in DATE columns.

- The error message for SQLExceptions now includes the SQL statement that was
last executed (including bind variable values if it was a PreparedStatement)

Informix Plugin
- Fixed Informix plugin to work with IDS 9 - qualified references to all
system views by prefixing them with the string 'informix.' (no quotes).
- Fixed ordering segements within the body of Stored Procedures.
- Applied code formatting to triggers and view source.
- Fixed erroneous inclusion of extra whitespace which for some definitions
made the SQL invalid.

Refactoring Plugin
- Now allows precision and scale for new or modified columns to be set to 0.
- The scrollbar in the column list dialog now appears, where
previously it did not, making tables with many columns difficult to work with
for Add/Modify/Drop column.

Posted by Rob Manning 2007-03-04