I have been using Squirrel SQL a few months now, first on Windows XP Pro and now Windows 7 (64 bit) connecting to both Oracle 10G and 11G databases and am having a few performance issues. Firstly in the SQL worksheet page I often start typing some SQL in only for the window to enter a ‘hung’ state where nothing seems to be happening. Control of the window is returned some time later with usually all (or most of) the missing text I had been typing appearing on screen. The same sort of thing happens when I use the “Down Arrow” at the top of the SQL window to select the last command entered in – the application will enter a ‘hung’ state for a time only for the text to appear and control be returned. I have tried setting the -Xmx start-up option to 1536 to increase the memory available to the application and have also tried reverting to the Metal / Silver look & feel as suggested in some of the notes. Neither so far have seemed to make much difference to this problem, though the extra memory has made accessing some of the tables in the object tree appear quicker (such as columns, contents etc.). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what other things I could try to see if I can improve upon the issues I am having?




Mark Tindall

Systems Analyst
Email: mtindal5@ford.com