Hmmm, it seems a bit too coincidental that the default select batch size for the DBCopy plugin is 1000, and that is also the maximum number of records retrieved by the HXTT driver to be copied. †How about if you try this: †Open File -> Global Preferences -> DBCopy - and change "ResultSet fetch size" to say 2000 and try the copy operation again (first, remove the records from the destination database table). † If that manages to somehow copy 2000 records this time, then I would say that the driver is limiting the total number of records in the result set based on the fetch size. †In which case, you could then try increasing that setting to a number above the total number of records to be copied.


On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 11:30 AM, Vincent M. Visconti <> wrote:

Hi, Iím trying to copy tables from Access 2007 into DB2 for i5/OS. Iím connecting to the Access DB via HXTT Access Client driver and the i5 via the JTOpen(AS/400) driver. The problem is when I copy a table from Access to i5, it only copies 1,000 records. I get a message that the copy was successful, but it only copies the 1st 1,000 records. I tried changing around some settings, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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