I can't reproduce this problem with a fresh install on a new system.  If you check Help -> Software Update -> Settings, do you see the following value for the "Url" field:

This is the default for a new install of 3.2.1 on a system that previously did not have SQuirreL installed.  It doesn't prompt for updates because 3.2.1 is the current stable version.

Perhaps your update settings are pointing to a different URL - maybe "snapshot" instead of "stable" ?


On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 4:36 AM, Massimo Re <> wrote:
I have installed the last version of Squirrel (3.2.1) and all plugins too.
After i launch Squirrel, a message inform me that new updates are available, so if i click on Yes button to install them, another message inform me that i've installed the last version of squirrel...
What shold be normally the contents of Update folder ?
May the message depends on folder Updates contents ?

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