Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else has run into the problem I have.  I have downloaded the JAVA SQK, squirrel, and jTDS.  I have installed JAVA and squirrel.  I start up squirrel and look at the drivers list and jTDS Microsoft SQL, jTDS, and jTDS Sybase all have red “X” symbols next to them.  I then dropped the “jtds-1.2.5.jar” into the “C:\Program Files\squirrel-sql-3.3.0\lib” and restart squirrel.  The jTDS Sybase driver now has a blue check mark beside it.  The jTDS and jTDS Microsoft SQL drivers still have the red “x” next to them.  I have searched the web and can’t find any answers.  Could someone please help?


Have a great day!


Joe Jeansonne