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When executing the below invalid SQL statement, all the 89,867 records in the database were updated in stead of just a couple rows.


update gid set changed=0, link_change=0, response_status='ACC' where cni_id in (select cni_id from cni where cuscar_id=4274);


89,867 Row(s) Updated

Query 4 of 4 elapsed time (seconds) - Total: 1,675.695, SQL query: 1,675.695, Building output: 0


The cni_id column does not exist in the cni table. In stead of raising an exception, the invalid SQL update statement was executed without the where condition. Needless to say that updating 89,867 records with production data did not receive a warm welcome. ;-)


Can anyone explain me why this invalid query is executed in stead or raising an error? I’m using Squirrel SQL Client Version 2.3 final with a Oracle OCI Driver and oracle.jadbc.driver.OracleDriver from the ojdbc14.jar.


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Mark Noten

Software engineer

Seagha cvba