I am using SQuirrreL with Oracle 11g .


The connection string looks like this:



We are changing over to use Oracle OID and LDAP service names.


The DBA team has provided me this information for use with an Oracle client:


Also you will need the following files in Oracle_home/network/admin directory or where your current tnsnames.ora is.


Create ldap.ora file with the following entries

DIRECTORY_SERVERS= (hdsoid.ute.company.com:3060:3131)
DEFAULT_ADMIN_CONTEXT = "dc=ute,dc=company,dc=com"



In the sqlnet.ora file add following:





1.       Does SQuirreL work with OID?

2.       Can I still use the thin driver or do I need to update?

3.       What would the connection string look like given the information above?

4.       Any other configuration files / environment variables needed?


I would prefer to use SQuirreL rather than have to install a Oracle client.