I have been using Squirrel for about 3 months and enjoy the program greatly.  Recently I tried to upgrade to 2.3 rc2 and had an issue with not being able to see the tables within a database when I selected the TABLE tree element within a database.  I thought it might be an issue with the rc2 so I waited until the final release.  Today I tried the final and had the same issue.  Basically my issue is that I have connected to the database and am reviewing the tree elements in the Objects tab.  When I select the TABLE (or any others for that matter) element under the database I get nothing.  When I do this in version 2.2 of Squirrel the tree expands and I see each table inside the database.  Is this a known issue or is something set improperly?




Bernard Harris

Project Manager

Weather Shield Mfg., Inc.