For what it is worth, I see exactly the same effect on iSeries running V6R1.

You get used to it.

On 25/07/12 17:06, Robert Rogerson wrote:
Hi all,

I have checked the documentation and googled for a solution/advise but not found any.

I have just started using Squirrel 3.3.0 with the intention of replacing iNavigator's Run SQL Scripts.  I am accessing DB2 on an iSeries at V7.1

The biggest problem I have experienced is it takes over 30 seconds to return a query. 

The status bar tells me
"Query 1 of 1, Rows read: 100, Elapsed time (seconds) - Total: 45.186, SQL query: 0.577, Building output: 44.609"

The the query is a simple SELECT * FROM mytable.  I have read that the number of columns returned slows down execution. 

What I'd like to know is there a way of limiting the Building Output step.  One thought was to only return the Results tab not the MetaData, Info and Overview tabs, but I have been unable to find how to turn these off.

Any help would be appreciated.  I am impressed with this tool but if a simple query takes over 39 to return I don't think it will be of use top me.


Robert Rogerson

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