My understanding of statistics is that you would need to change the data in some way for the statistics to change (assuming you don't drop them altogether).  Merely querying data or metadata, shouldn't produce a change.  The Info tab is populated from meta data that is "queried" by the JDBC driver.  If the JDBC driver has a side effect that causes metadata or data to be changed in some way (thereby updating statistics) just by querying it, only Oracle would know.  But other JDBC applications that use meta data would yield the same result.

Can you explain how you determined that the statistics were updated? ( I'm hoping you can provide a reproducible list of steps that I can do on my own database to see the behavior you are describing)


On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 9:07 AM, Egli Roland <> wrote:
Hi all

We have recognized a problem using Squirrel with a Oracle DB:

As soon as we go to Objects->Info on a table, Oracle creates statistics for this table.
Is it possible to switch off this feature if it is any. Or is this a bug of Squirrel?

Thanks in advance.

The used version are:
Squirrel: 2.6.5a

Best regards

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