On 3/16/06, Thomas Stein <thoste@email.com> wrote:
So again: Where can I download these jdbc (?) database plugins ?


Thanks for pointing out this inconsistency between the website and the
downloads page.  Recently access was removed to the
old plugins that were available for download separately as the latest
installers all include the plugins that are optional.  Since the plugins that
were available for download separately haven't been updated in some time
we decided that having them available for download could be a bad thing.
We forgot that the non-installer format (standard and base) archives don't
include the optional plugins.  We didn't realize that folks were downloading the
archives and grafting in the optional plugins since the universal installer
became available.  So, I guess my question is, how important is it to be
able to download several archives separately, now that the installer includes
everything you need in one file?